The Musicgroups Network was created in the late 90’s as an answer to NAPSTER and music Monopolies.

The idea, Musicians and artists should have control over their own material and fate. Our systems were made to promote independent artists and protected their music. We developed a complete online music platform that could be licensed by other sites and eventually hosted thousands of bands and musicians. Our goal has always been to help musicians and artists earn a living.

Building a cooperative Ecosystem for bands, musicians and the music Industry was never an easy goal. We delivered,  the first license to Rock.com in 2003 and eventually moved everyone to a new platform. Funds ran out before we could launch.

The goal, specifically to create a login free, tracking free environment that promotes fresh music across many sites to help artists grow and sell direct!  Then we planed to build systems to develop Indie tours, and other aspects a only cooperative can achieve.

Over the years lot of developers had hands out, not many ever rolled up sleeves! Tech is changing an Ai might just finish this concept. Parts and pieces are all ready for a team!

Our systems have no match on the web, not from advanced ideas. More from the idea of shared resources, reduced costs and sustainable goals! We are doing everything possible to get the old technologies updated to modern standards.

We need your help please spread the word!

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20+ years – It’s time for a rebuild! A full system reset! Next step is a BLOCKCHAIN and NFT!!

Our team has gone up and down like a roller coaster, but the project is still alive! We are building a unique de-centralized cooperative music system based on a blockchain framework and NFT coin. Every aspects is built to protect artist sales and create sustainable income. Our plan is to open source everything!

We are the OG of artist social media platforms. Our systems were meant to be de-centralized in the 1990’s and our version of W3 kept the artists in charge of their IP. So many funded music systems fell to the monopolies. How many were made to help artists sell and promote? Here we are still fighting!

We missed a lot of targets along the way but the vision lives on. The true test of a co-op is to see who’s building the tools needed to create bridges for the many islands on the wwweb.


Think of a suite of dedicated tools like google’s apps that are built into your site seamless, automatically promoting you to an expanding network of hundreds or thousands of music sites.

Our goals are simple, create Win-Win-Win scenarios for everyone involved! By creating a sustainable ecosystem, on that framework we can recycle the best ‘web developments’ and provide a seamless API for sites to join.

Adding a blockchain and NFT solution for tracking music sales and commissions is topping our to do list! Top goal is to build real income and growth for artists. By helping artists grow, tour and find A&R.

A policed music network free of scams, bots and fraudsters, helping renew faith in the web!

  • Develop privacy and security in the framework from day one; not as an afterthought!
  • With only a few dozen businesses onboard, we can build any technology and scale to any size.
  • All win because of the sustainable nature of our business model creating cloud apps and API shared services.
  • Every aspect will be dedicated specifically to the music business and generating sales.
  • Every band and business that promotes on our site will help build a network they will co-own!

We need sales teams, managers, fans and lots of artists! Wanna see proof? Time to open Pandora’s box!!

Get involved let us know your out there and please follow us at TWITTER!
@musicgroupscom – @IndMusicNews – @RockBandsNet – @bandnetnetwork – @iVocalscom

Let’s work together!

Drop us an email or a real phone call!!! 818 718 0406