In the field of music, independent musicians exert more effort than their popular counterparts, as these unknown artists do not have the comforts of having major record labels to back them up. But with the onset of various music sharing sites these days, almost everyone has a chance to get their original songs heard.

pop overthrow

Another factor why unsigned bands and singers rejoice is the prevalence of music festivals that cater to every genre. One example of a highly-anticipated global fair would be the International Pop Overthrow. The brainchild of pop enthusiast David Bash, the said festival was meant to cater pop and other related sub-genres like Twee Pop, Indie Rock, Folk Pop, Garage Pop, and such. With a vision of introducing the creative side of the Independent Pop industry, Bash persevered to be able to give the credit that these unknown artists deserve. The first IPO was held in Los Angeles back in 1998. By 2013, the fair already have 15 cities that simultaneously host the event annually.

One of the willing cities to hold such fair is London. Known as a home to grandiose structures like the Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and Westminster Abbey, London is also a metropolis brimming with entertainment venues. A top-notch leisure place would be the Napoleons Casino & Restaurant. Similar to what online sites such as Partypoker offer, this London hotspot’s gaming services are offered 24/7. With the increasing affinity of both locals and tourists for poker, operations are held every day to accommodate the troves of players coming in. The pastime has gained critical acclaim due to the countless professional tournaments held all over the globe, solely dedicated to this game. Regarded as a high-stakes card activity, participants dare to risk big in order to bag some serious amount of cash. With poker always involving the ability to calculate, Math skills are gradually honed as well. Studies also show that this game develops one’s ability to accept feedback openly. Similar to puzzles, the complexity of this activity encourages one to think analytically. Players are trained to make decisions quickly as the duration of each round hastens. For those who crave for excitement, this is the game that will definitely thrill people due to its unpredictable outcome. Moreover, poker persuades enthusiasts to mingle with others, thereby improving socialization skills significantly.

In terms of having opportunities to widen networks, the International Pop Overthrow also gives a chance for talents to acquire connections, increase fan base, and to simply be able to play their own works. In the 2013 IPO London leg, 33 acts playing a diverse set of genres unabashedly rocked their hearts out. Predominant for this year’s line of bands are those who are greatly influenced by the 60’s era like: Ellamore, Et Tu Brucé, Ben Jones and The Rifle Volunteers, and The Past Tense.

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